Community Partner Responsibilities

Before committing to a partnership with us, please take the time to read the details of our program and what it will require of you.  If you are still interested in becoming a community partner after reading and understanding the details below, we ask that you download the application and email it to

As part of our partnership, you will be required to do the following for EACH family you nominate.

Step 1 – Select a Family:

  • Identify the families that are MOST in need.

Step 2 – Call the families and complete their “Family Fact Sheet”:

  • Call the family and let them know that you are nominating them for the A.A.O.K. Christmas program, explain what the program is, and confirm that they want to participate.
  • Fill out their “family fact sheet.”  You will be given a blank template which must be returned TYPED and as detailed as possible for each family you nominate.  The information that you put on the form goes directly to the sponsors, so we ask that they are completed with care.  This should include why the family is in need and details about their wish list.

Note: in the past, sponsors have been concerned about some of the wish list items given to them.  Since you are communicating with the family directly, we ask that you help coach these families through the process.  When helping them with their wish lists, please encourage the kids to give as many options as possible.  We don’t want to submit a list with one (expensive) item without giving the sponsor multiple options.

Step 3 – Field questions as they pertain to your nominated families:

Since you are nominating these families, you know them best.  Throughout the season there will be times when an assigned sponsor has a question about a wish list item on a form that you submitted or they may have trouble getting a hold of the families.  You will be listed as the point of contact for each family that you nominate, so we ask that you’re prepared to field any questions from sponsors as they pertain to your families in need.

If you have any questions about the responsibilities of a community partner, please email

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