Delivering to Your Family

The time has come to deliver Christmas to the family you’re sponsoring.  A few best practices:

CONFIRM FIRST: Make sure to call the family, confirm that they will be home during the time you plan on delivering, and confirm that you have their correct address.  If you have trouble getting a hold of your family, please reach out to your contact at the organization which nominated the family.  Their contact info will be in your family fact sheet.

SAFETY FIRST: A lot of these families live in low income areas.  We always want you to put safety first.  Be sure to deliver before 4pm while the sun is up and never travel alone.

ASK FOR PHOTOS: With 100+ families in our program there’s no way for us to physically meet them all.  For that reason, we rely on you for photos!  Please send any photos to and if you post any on social media, please be sure to tag us!  It’s always nice to ask permission from the families first.

TESTIMONIALS:  Testimonials help us get more people in the community involved next year.  If you get that warm and fuzzy feeling and want to share your experience, please share your story to  We especially love videos, if you’d be so kind!  Here are a few samples from previous sponsors.

Thank you for participating in our program this year.  If for some reason you change your mind or can not deliver to the family directly, please contact us right away so we can make arrangements for you.