How you can get involved

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Families we brought Christmas to
Children we brought toys to
Number of years we've been doing this
Brian Golbourne

Brian Golbourne

Co-Founder / Operations

As Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Brian focuses on the day-to-day functions of the organization in order to ensure it achieves its short-term and long-term goals. This includes managing a team of volunteers to ensure all aspects of the program are executed properly. Brian has years of experience in business development and operations which he uses to lead the organization from year to year.

Sara France

Sara France

Logistics / Analyst

As Director of Logistics, Sara manages the A.A.O.K. program schedule and rigorously plans and prepares for a successful program each year.  Starting every September she maps out the upcoming year’s program and works closely with the operations team to enforces all deadlines.  Sara is also our analyst, providing us with data from previous years to help us prepare for the future.

Natalia Dubois

Natalia Dubois

Treasurer and CFO

As CFO, Natalia manages all finances for the organization. She administrates fiscal matters, creates our annual budget and ensures that financial policies and procedures are in place. Natalia has a degree in finance, a Masters in accounting and several years of experience as Director of Corporate Accounting and Operations for a local company here in Las Vegas.

  • Marissa T.

    Thanks for letting us participate, what a great experience.  My kids are young but still seemed to understand the message that Christmas is just as much about giving as receiving.  Thanks for all you do!

  • Suzanne & David B.

    Our family was very grateful!  We gave the children a few presents to open today and the rest to be opened on Christmas Day. The 5 year old boy said I only need 1 present! So sweet! It has been a rewarding experience and we plan to participate again next year!

  • Lizza J.

    It was very enjoyable and we would like to do the same next year for 2 - 3 families.  Thank you again for giving me and my daughter a wonderful Christmas seeing their (the family's) faces when we arrived.  Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Jennifer H.

    We had a great time shopping for them and it was such a rewarding experience for our family.  It's definitely going to be the beginning of a tradition! Christmas is about giving and loving one another.  We all have ups and downs and it's important to lift each other up when we can.  Such a blessing to be able to participate with this group.

  • Arlene Wszalek Vice President, Strategic Marketing

    On behalf of all my colleagues at Allied Integrated Marketing’s Las Vegas office, thank you so much for letting us participate in AAOK this year. We were grateful for the chance to spread a bit of Christmas cheer to “our” three families, and humbled to deliver the gifts to them on Christmas Eve.